„My job is to communicate with words and images.“

Christian Tillmanns works in the interdisciplinary field of visual communication and journalism. He holds a university degree in communication design and is a master of convergent media design and a pioneer of the World Wide Web. His journalistic and visual work has reached more than one billion people.


Tillmanns visual:communication is a full service agency that conceives and realizes journalistic & visual projects. We are the ideal partners in both the advertising and non-advertising areas.

Tillmanns visual:communication work on in-house produced projects such as documentaries besides the commissioned work.

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How about PR?

Tillmanns visual:communication's work goes beyond PR. By using pure journalistic methods and by adhering to journalistic ethics, we can ensure a much broader audience.  The art of sustainable communication lies in being a trustworthy source of information while achieving the communication goal. Our work is based on trust and truth.  Tillmanns visual:communication maintains excellent relations to both the print and broadcast media.